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The Jasmine Charitable Trust is a non-profit organization that trains and provides Service Dogs for Disabled Americans. It is named for Champion Blacktie & All That Jazz (Jasmine), the first AKC Conformation Champion Standard Poodle to become a Certified Service Dog.

The Jasmine Charitable Trust was formed as a non-profit organization (501c3) in 2001 to empower disabled adults to independence through the use of Service Dogs. We only provide Standard Poodles for this purpose.

The Jasmine Charitable Trust is dedicated to providing lifelong support to its Service Teams. Standard Poodles are used almost exclusively since there is an extremely low incidence of allergic sensitivity to them. They are also quicker to train and serve more as an equitable team member for a longer period of time due to their longevity. However, we have trained and certified Service Teams that have provided their own dogs of various breeds.

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Welcome to JasmineTrust.org! We have made some updates to the site, including changes to the way images are viewed and the addition of some social media sharing options. Please explore the new gallery and give The Jasmine Charitable Trust some “likes”! Also, when you talk to Dr. Bev, please encourage her to send Chris anything that she wants added to the site as soon as possible.


After many years of service out of the Greater Hampton Roads area we have moved our organization to the beautiful Cleveland Tennessee! Stay tuned for more updates! We have new dogs in training and many new stories! … Continue reading →