About The Jasmine Charitable Trust

Love that works!The Jasmine Charitable Trust was formed as a non-profit organization (501c3) in 2001 to empower disabled adults to independence through the use of Service Dogs. We provide only Standard Poodles for this purpose. Whether the service performed is Mobility Assistance, Medical or Seizure Alert, Vision, Hearing or Psychiatric Support, the Standard Poodle is uniquely qualified for the task. Their intelligence and inherent affinity for human companionship has been documented by researchers and breed experts for decades. Because of this quality, they quickly learn the needed behaviors to supplement their human Partner’s efforts. They are loyal friends who do not see a disability, only a place where they may contribute their skills as a fully functioning team member. They live and love to serve. Being hypoallergenic makes them the perfect Service Dog for people with COPD, emphysema, asthma or allergies. Each Service Dog in Training receives over 500 hours instruction before it ever picks its Partner. Together, the Service Team receives an additional 180 hours training to work together until they are ready to pass the Public Access Test. As health needs change, they often return to training annually to brush-up and fine tune existing skills and add new ones.

The Standard Poodle Service Dogs of The Jasmine Trust are never sold. They are provided for use during their work life and, with rare exception, retire to return “home” to become members of our Education Team, Therapy Dogs and Reading Dogs. They often employ their expert skills teaching younger dogs. Bred from top conformation lines, they are health and temperament tested. They are never trained for security or protection. No dogs are purchased and no mixed breeds are ever used. Any Service Dog that does not complete Service Training, for one reason or another, is “retired” to a loving pet home among our Guardian families.

Who Was Jasmine?

Champion Black Tie and All that Jazz, Jasmine (R.I.P.) handled by Mr. Dennis McCoy


“Jasmine” was Champion BlackTie & All That Jazz, an incredibly beautiful and intelligent Platinum Silver Standard Poodle who lived just less than six years. She became the first Champion of her breed to also become a Certified Service Dog and she worked at the side of the Trust’s founder, Dr. Beverlee Engle. She was Dr. Bev’s constant companion paving the way for other Poodles to step to the side of their Human Partners. This has led to the development of over 50 TJCT Service Teams in 14 states.People who knew Jasmine remarked on her ability to provide friendship with dignity. She was elegant…and comical; aloof and approachable. Most of all, she was truly one of a kind. Many of her canine friends that formed the Musicbox Conformation Kennel have volunteered to follow in her footsteps. Standard Poodles from other fine kennels have joined them and reputable breeders from all over the United States come forward to donate a pup each year for the important work of Service to the Disabled.

Jasmine will always be remembered by those who loved her as the first Champion Certified Service Dog. She got the ball rolling; now others are chasing it!