Service Dog Information

Dana Hosman training with SDIT Kelly with supervision of Pat Ghentry Service Dog in Training

The Federal Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) views a Service Dog as an Assistive Device, much like a cane, crutches, or a wheelchair. The ADA says A Service Dog can go anywhere its Service Partner goes. Service Dogs regularly go to restaurants, supermarkets, theaters, hospitals, churches, sports events, and formal affairs. While in Training, a Service Dog may accompany its Partner to provide support and empower independence in accomplishing one or more major activities of daily living (ADLs).

Occasionally, a privately owned Standard Poodle is trained with its Owner/Partner as a Service Team. This has proven to be very successful. No Service Dog is allowed to “work” until it is an adult. The first two years of their lives are devoted to having a wonderful puppyhood!

It is our belief that Service Dogs are the ‘personal attendants’ of the 21st Century and that they must be available to anyone in need at a reasonable cost. The Jasmine Charitable Trust will provide and train a Standard Poodle Service Team for only a fraction of the cost of other programs throughout the country (and includes Team Certification). In some cases health insurance, or public agencies may cover part or all of the costs. Training of dogs already owned is accomplished by team training with a staff trainer weekly until certification level skills are acquired. Additionally, The Jasmine Charitable Trust charges an initial evaluation fee of $100 and only $50 annually thereafter to remain an active client. Active clients may receive unlimited ongoing support for training and special needs as they arise.

Service Dog Team Photos